Swachh Vrindavan

FoV workforce has taken up the challenge of trying to keep public areas clean of refuse through its programme ‘Swacch Vrindavan’. From time to time cleanliness drives are organized around different temples, shrines, community neighborhoods and on the Yamuna bank. Our Street cleaning team is equipped with Tractor – trolley unit, garbage collection rickshaw, Tata Ace mini truck and different cleaning tools.

Vrindavan Green Awards

Every year we organize ‘Vrindavan Green Awards’ ceremony on the occasion of Varaha Jayanti, the day when Lord Varaha rescued the earth from submerging in the depth of water. We are passionate about protecting the Earth – the only life support system available to us. On this day, we acknowledge some of the people and institutions that deserve special recognition for their efforts in making Braj – Vrindavan eco friendly.

Tree plantation & forest revival

The importance of trees to Shri Krishna and to the whole awareness of Krishna in Vrindavan is fundamental. The name of the city of ‘Vrindavan’ is associated with van i.e the forests. Planting trees is a simple solution to resolve complex environmental problems. We have doing massive tree plantation in Vrindavan and its surrounding areas of Braj since the organization was founded.